Euro 2012 Poland & Ukraine: Television Schedule



By Adam Higgins
Chief Football Editor 




BBC and ITV Sport share the live television coverage with both TalkSport and BBC Radio 5Live airing all 31 games live. ITV will be guaranteed exclusive audiences when hosting England's first and final group stage games against France and Ukraine while the BBC will air their middle group match against Sweden in Kiev. The BBC are set to broadcast the Three Lions' quarter-final clash should England make it through while they will also transmit both semi-finals with the final shown live on both channels.

Former England international Gareth Southgate will join regular pundits Roy Keane and Gareth Southgate with Adrian Chiles presenting for ITV's commercial coverage with commentary provided by Clive Tydesley, Peter Drury, Jim Beglin and Andy Townsend. The BBC will send Jake Humphrey to the Euros to cover all the latest news in Poland & Ukraine while Gabby Logan will be at the heart of the England camp bringing up-to-date reports. Gary Lineker will be joined in a matchday studio by Euro 1996 winner Jurgen Klinsmann, Dutch maestro Clarence Seedorf and Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp. Other analysts include the familiar faces of Alan Hansen, Lee Dixon, Alan Shearer and Mark Lawrenson. Below is the television schedule for the entire tournament:




Group Stage


Group A

Teams involved:  Poland, Greece, Russia & Czech Republic

8th June            Poland vs Greece                            KO 5pm from Warsaw                    Live on BBC   

8th June            Russia vs Czech Republic                KO 7:45pm from Wroclaw               Live on ITV

12th June          Greece vs Czech Republic                KO 5pm from Wroclaw                   Live on ITV

12th June          Poland vs Russia                             KO 7:45pm from Warsaw                Live on ITV

16th June          Czech Republic vs Poland                KO 7:45pm from Wroclaw               Live on BBC

16th June          Greece vs Russia                            KO 7:45pm from Warsaw                Live on BBC


Group B

Teams involved:  Holland, Germany, Portugal & Denmark

9th June            Holland vs Denmark                        KO 5pm from Kharkiv                      Live on BBC

9th June            Germany vs Portugal                      KO 7:45pm from Lviv                       Live on BBC

13th June          Denmark vs Portugal                       KO 5pm from Lviv                           Live on ITV

13th June          Holland vs Germany                        KO 7:45pm from Lviv                      Live on BBC   

17th June          Denmark vs Germany                      KO 7:45pm from Lviv                      Live on ITV

17th June          Portugal vs Holland                         KO 7:45pm from Kharkiv                 Live on ITV     


Group C

Teams involved:  Spain, Italy, Croatia & Republic of Ireland

10th June          Spain vs Italy                                  KO 5pm from Gdansk                    Live on ITV

10th June          Republic of Ireland vs Croatia           KO 7:45pm from Poznan                Live on ITV

14th June          Italy vs Croatia                                KO 5pm from Poznan                    Live on BBC

14th June          Spain vs Republic of Ireland             KO 7:45pm from Gdansk                Live on ITV

18th June          Croatia vs Spain                             KO 7:45pm from Gdansk                Live on BBC

18th June          Italy vs Republic of Ireland               KO 7:45pm from Poznan                Live on BBC


Group D

Teams involved:  Ukraine, England, Sweden & France

11th June          France vs England                          KO 5pm from Donetsk                    Live on ITV

11th June          Ukraine vs Sweden                         KO 7:45pm from Kiev                      Live on BBC

15th June          Ukraine vs France                          KO 5pm from Donetsk                     Live on ITV

15th June          Sweden vs England                        KO 7:45pm from Kiev                      Live on BBC

19th June          England vs Ukraine                        KO 7:45pm from Donetsk                Live on ITV

19th June          Sweden vs France                         KO 7:45pm from Kiev                       Live on ITV


Route to the Final:-


21st June                  Winner Group A vs Runner Up Group B                    Quarter Final 1                  KO 7:45pm from Warsaw                TBA

22nd June                 Winner Group B vs Runner Up Group A                    Quarter Final 2                  KO 7:45pm from Gdansk                 TBA

23rd June                  Winner Group C vs Runner Up Group D                    Quarter Final 3                  KO 7:45pm from Donetsk                TBA

24th June                  Winner Group D vs Runner Up Group C                    Quarter Final 4                  KO 7:45pm from Kiev                      TBA


27th June                  Winner Q-Final 1 vs Winner Q-Final 2                        Semi-Final 1                    KO 7:45pm from Donetsk                TBA

28th June                  Winner Q-Final 3 vs Winner Q-Final 4                        Semi-Final 2                    KO 7:45pm from Warsaw                TBA


1st July                     Winner Semi-Final 1 vs Winner Semi-Final 2                  Final                           KO 7:45pm from Kiev                    BBC/ITV


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