UEFA Euro 2012: Poland & Ukraine
Spain 4-0 Italy:  Players reaction



Spain and Barcelona left-back Jordi Alba:  "It's my first Euro tournament with the national side and I have enjoyed every minute of it. They had made history before, and now I am also going to make history with them. I'm very happy. I still can't believe it. But little by little it's sinking in. We will now celebrate with the squad. It has been a very good EURO. And regarding scoring a goal: the people in [my hometown] L'Hospitalet, family and friends told me that I was going to score and, eventually, I did. Talking about my move to Barcelona, I am very happy. [€14m] is an agreement between two clubs, between Valencia and Barcelona, and that's what [the amount] is. And honestly, everything has been going well, and I am very happy about everything that is happening to me. [Now I'm thinking] about the people from L'Hospitalet, who have supported me very much; my family, my friends, my grandparents – all the people who always support me. It's a really special feeling. I think we have to enjoy this moment. This team is making history but we have to keep going and keep working hard. There is a World Cup in two years. We're going to enjoy this moment and then keep going."



Spain and Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas:  "I am very happy. The truth is that everything started very well when we won EURO 2008. At that time we didn't think we would win before the tournament. Now it's turned out that we have won three tournaments in a row. It is incredible. I am speechless. I don't have words to express what we feel. I hope it continues, as we are a young squad. The mental side, and the confidence, have changed. The group has also changed. We are a very hard-working team, very humble and disciplined. There are never any problems, people are very responsible and no one is ever late. The truth is that it's the small things that make us a fantastic group. I worked hard to support the team during a long tournament. Also, I thank the team for the trust they placed in me. It feels really, really amazing. It's one of the best days of my life. I don't think we realise what we've done. In time we'll see. Are we boring? People who think we are boring, I don't think they understand the game. They know that I did not play as a forward when I was young, but they believed in me, and I am very proud that I could help this team in the last three tournaments. I dedicate it to all the people that have passed away recently, as you may read on my shirt, to Miki [Roqué], Manolo [Preciado], [Daniel] Jarque and [Antonio] Puerta. It is a very special day for them as well, for their families and friends. I hope they had a great time, we thought of them a lot and I am sure that those who are above are very happy for us."



Spain and Real Madrid defender Alvaro Arbeloa:  "It makes me feel proud. We've achieved something that nobody has achieved before, and that shows how difficult it is, right? We were lucky in scoring with our first chance, and we then felt very good after opening the scoring. We played a wonderful match against a team that have played a very good tournament, and deserved to be in the final. I'm very happy about the course of the tournament, really a tournament to enjoy. We did a really good job, all 23 players, and we are more than happy. I dedicate it above all to my family, who have always supported me, because without them I wouldn't be here. And [I think] about all the people who have always supported me. We want to continue winning. We know it's getting more and more difficult, but we don't want to stop. We did a really good job in defence, but not only defence. We know we have a lot of quality up front. If you can have a clean sheet then it's easier to score. It was really important for Fernando [Torres]. I know he hasn't had his best season. He had some problems and then didn't play for Chelsea. He scored against Ireland and then he scored again in the final. Are we the best ever? I don't know. I think we have to keep winning and win more trophies. When we're retired in 10 or 15 years then maybe we can look back and say we were really good. There will always be some criticism as we have set the bar so high. That's what happens when you come down a step. It's been four marvellous years. You might think that a 4-0 margin against Italy means it was easy - but we have been gradually stepping up as the tournament went along."



Italy and Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini:  "We're sorry because we hoped to win and end the tournament in another way. We were tired, very tired, and the injuries show that. Some of our players on the pitch could hardly walk. In the end we have to congratulate Spain. They deserved to win and tonight they proved to be better than us. When Thiago Motta got injured we were down to ten men but they'd almost closed the game out in the first 60 minutes with their ball possession. Then in the last half-hour they exploded, thanks in part to having more players. Everyone's sad about the loss, but it can't erase a tournament in which we played well and we dreamt with millions of Italians. In my opinion that has to be the starting point for our future. Against a team like Spain I think you really need to be good in the tackle and fit. We've had a terrific European Championship. The only regret is the fact we didn't have a few extra days to rest up before this game."



Italy and AS Roma midfielder Daniele De Rossi:  "I think Spain are better than everybody: in ten games against them you will lose seven or eight. If you win or draw it means everything went for your side. In Gdansk [drawing 1-1 in the group stage] I think we could have beaten them and nobody could have said we did not deserve it. Tonight we did not manage to cause them any problems. We were up against a very strong side and were not 100%; we were very tired. Ahead of the game we were sure we could beat them but we never hurt them. Then the game was over after 60 minutes – you cannot give anything to a team like Spain, facing them a man down is really too much to ask. We could have avoided the last two goals but it would not have changed much. You have to hold your hands up and say the opponents were better, accept defeat. We have to congratulate a great side for their victory. It's hard, because we believed we could do it. If we had succeeded in bringing onto the pitch what has been our trademark here – our desire to pass the ball around and create openings – for sure we would have been here talking about another kind of result. But they deserved to win and we give them credit. Once again Spain have shown that they are one or two steps above anyone else."



Italy and Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon:  "I think that today in general we were unlucky in everything: from the goals we conceded to the players we lost to injury. It was just a negative night. We'll take away the experience we've gained in this tournament, which has been positive, because we had the desire to play football. From here we need to start again. It's ended badly because we faced a great team who deserved to win. Sometimes in life you need to be able to accept defeat and compliment opponents who were better. They have a lot of players who are accustomed to playing certain types of games, important games like the final of a European Championship. I think at the start we paid for this because we were not the same Italy as we have been. We have nothing to complain about. Spain were the better team and we congratulate them. Against a team like Spain I think you really need to be good in the tackle and fit. We've had a terrific European Championship. The only regret is the fact we didn't have a few extra days to rest up before this game."

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