Manager Comments
Roy Hodgson, England manager
Group D: Sweden 2-3 England

"The feeling is one of a job well done. At this level of football, where the games are always so close, when the final whistle blows and you've got the three points there's an element of relief as well. But I don't think we needed to feel relief in terms that we didn't deserve the victory or that we didn't control the game for long periods, or that we didn't deserve to win it. At the same time when there's only one goal in it you're always worried that something's going to happen in the last minute, that somebody's going to slip over or that the referee is going to get a decision wrong, or that there'll be a deflection. When that doesn't happen there's always an element of relief. (The winner) was a good move. We got in behind their left-back with a good pass, Theo was able to skip away from him and found a lot of composure to find Danny, who timed his run to the near post and had a good pirouette. The goalkeeper expected him to toe it but he was able to pirouette and beat him at the far post. Of course I believed in Theo, I think he's a good player with good qualities, that's why I selected him. I'd be lying if I said I know these players as well as (the English media) do, you have watched them many times. I have worked with them for one month and am still learning what they are really good at and what areas we can improve upon. I am delighted to be going into the last game knowing a positive result will see us through and if we do that I will be more than satisfied because it was a very difficult group. There are no easy pickings for us in the group and our goal is to make sure we don't slip from the standard we have set in the four games since I took the job. Maybe (Wayne) Rooney's presence will take the pressure off the existing players because he can change a game off his own bat. Against Ukraine, a player like Rooney can make a major difference and I am delighted to welcome him back. If I did leave him out, all hell might break loose in the dressing room. (Wayne) Rooney is a striker that sometimes drops deep like Ashley Young did in the first game [against France] and (Sweden striker) Zlatan Ibrahimovic did today. I'll probably push Ashley to the wing when Wayne comes back."

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